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ICTL Belgium has been established in 2007 as a part of the TL Group of companies, based in Dornstadt (Germany). A professional, high-educated team with extensive freight forwarding experience and knowledge of the region of Central Asia, Russia and Caucasus gave a significant boost to expansion of the whole TL Group. Direct personal management of both ICTL Belgium and TL Group, clear communication lines and logical division of responsibilities allowed the company to gain trust of important clients in Kazakhstan, Russia and Europe; and achieve a reputation of a smart, transparent, flexible and competitive cargo carrier and freight forwarder in the region.


During 2007-2011, ICTL Belgium has grown to represent almost one third of the turnover of the group and has successfully opened branch offices in Kazakhstan, China and Hong Kong. Branch offices operate largely independently, but share the same values with ICTL Belgium. These values are – transparency, constant self-improvement and aim on competitiveness.


The niche market that ICTL Belgium serves is geographically determined within the industry of freight forwarding, transport and logistics. Our focus is the region of CIS countries (Former Soviet Union countries), predominantly – Central Asian countries. Because ICTL Belgium has such a narrow specialization (compared to many other players in the market), the company has been able to build up and develop the necessary know-how, experience and people network in the region. This allows us to handle both simple shipments and complex projects with a high degree of efficiency and this, in turn, convinces new clients that we are the right partner for them to trust their shipments and projects to.


Being a smart-small-3PL provider, we have a healthy ambition to grow and develop naturally, without sacrificing the quality of the services we provide. Therefore, we strongly value the people working in our company. Personal development of every person contributes more than proportionally to the quality of the work and therefore - to success of the company in general.


Many interesting ideas and projects are being developed continuously and we have several exciting plans for the future. We welcome each new interesting opportunity and will be glad to serve you as our valued client or work with you as our trusted partner.






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