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ICTL is improving Project Cargo rates from Europe to Far East Russia

Since 2010 our company offered oversized cargo shipping service to Far East Russia. Since then we have built up excellent relationship with local operators in the region and now can offer lower-than-market rates for any kind of shipment to destinations in FE Russia:

* Vladivostok

* Nakhodka

* Sakhalin island

* Vanino

* Magadan

* Khabarovsk and others


We keep improving - contact us for your RFQ! 


Road transportation to and through Russia may be significantly disrupted after 14.08.2013



Federal Customs Department of Russia (ФТС) will stop accepting customs transit under TIR coverage as from 14 August 2013, as it advised in a letter recently.

The TIR covers customs and other duties in the international road transportation, and is issued by the International Road Transport Union (Geneva). The TIR convention comprises 68 countries including Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus and has been in place since 1975. The convention is meant to facilitate cargo flows by road through a guarantee system for customs duties to transit and import countries. 

The decision of Russian Authorities may significantly impact cargo flows by road through and to Customs Union. Long waiting lines on the borders of the customs union, large delays and additional costs are a few obvious possibilities. Trucking cost to CIS will most probably increase.

Simple tips for smooth transportation to CIS

Shipping to Central Asia, Caucasus and Russia...

.....doesn't have to be a headache



5 simple tips for your next shipment to CIS countries:


Prepare good documents


Make sure that cargo documentation is issued in accordance with the requirements of customs in CIS:


Commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, certificate of conformity, other required certificates, contracts, declarations, etc. – these documents must all be checked before transportation starts.


In 9/10 cases delays and extra charges are the direct result of incomplete, incorrect or missing documentation following the cargo along the route. Customs in CIS (more specifically in Russia and in Kazakhstan) are very strict when it comes to checking your cargo and its documents. And surely you don’t want to have your container or truck blocked somewhere on the border of the CIS, with long delays, waiting time costs and uncertainty over solving the problem! Therefore, please follow our guidelines for the documentation – hence significantly reduce risks of delays and increase cost-effectiveness of your transportation.


Prepare your packing well


Good packing is in general important for cargo shipping, but it is even more so when it comes to shipping to CIS. Considering the distances to travel, conditions of the roads, strong shocks on the railways during “sorting” of the trains the packing must be especially good. Also of great importance is to measure the weights and dimensions of each packing well. Knowing your cargo measurements in advance will give you on average better rates       and faster responses from forwarders and carriers.


Choose the transport mode wisely



Trucking to CIS is an easy and fast way (logistically) to deliver your cargo DOOR-DOOR to virtually any place in the CIS. The drawback is that this mode       is quite expensive and the rates are fluctuating heavily during the year. Railway is a good alternative to trucking, being on average cheaper than    trucking and accepting more cargo weight per transport unit. It takes longer time to deliver your cargo and it requires the receiver to be in the vicinity           of a railway station, but the advantages are obvious. Large volumes or lots can go by wagons or even smaller vessel loads. Smaller volumes – by standard shipping containers 20FT and 40FT.


Check your rates in advance


Any forwarder knows – more than a half of all price requests from customers contain the  word “urgent” in them. This “urgency” passes nervousness over from customer to forwarders and carriers, and doesn’t allow for thoroughly checking the rates,  with usually a higher shipping rate in the end. This is as such an “urgency mark-up”. To avoid it and also to have time to collect and  compare all quotes from forwarders and carriers, plan your shipment and make your requests well in-advance. This will save you time and money.


Know your transportation partner and don’t be afraid to use freight forwarder, but choose him wisely!

A good freight forwarder is your transportation partner, delivering ADDED VALUE.

This added value can be a smooth and quick shipment over a long route with many borders or a well-controlled shipping cost with a “buffer” against     all kinds of possible additional costs. This added value can only come from an experienced, knowledgeable, result-oriented and motivated freight   forwarder. There are many freight forwarders out there – big and small, specialized and all-round, local and global. It is wrong to assume that a global     all-round big forwarder is “better” than a local specialized small one. Or vice versa. A freight forwarder is good when he delivers that ADDED VALUE that YOU as a customer need. Therefore it is a good idea to take time get to know your forwarding partner. It will save you costs and risks in the long            run! And when you found a good one, keep him! You both will benefit from mutual trust and relationship!


Who are we?


We are a smart specialized freight forwarder with a focus on Central Asia, Caucasus, Russia and surrounding countries.

We are based in Antwerp, Belgium and have offices in the main countries of Central Asia and Caucasus.


What can we do for you?


Organize any kind of cargo shipping to and from Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia and Ukraine.

Give advice on documentation issues, customs peculiarities and routes

Help you avoid risks of delays and additional costs during transportation

Calculate different possibilities to deliver your shipment to any place in the CIS

Consult you on your planned projects to the region


How much does it cost?


Our added value comes from our extensive network, knowledge of the region and experience with the most complex shipments. Everything is transparent and clear. No hidden costs or commissions. Our handling fee is minimal and among the lowest in the market and depends on the type of transportation. We guarantee a good deal for a great added value to you.



What are our coordinates?


                •             Antwerp, Belgium



                •             Tel.: +32 3 336 03 83

                •             Fax: +32 3 336 03 85

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