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ICTL is acting as a freight forwarder comissionner in all its operations

Without engagement as per actual charges and surcharges, all forwarding operations shall be performed on the basis of the 2005 Belgian general terms and conditions for freight forwarders. These can be sent to you upon request. As a freight forwarder commissioner, we shall contract third parties for fulfillment of our obligations partially or fully. Acknowledging receipt of our offers, booking confirmations, invoices and/or other documents or messages sent by any means of conveyance including emails, confirms acceptance by both parties of full legal framework of the general Belgian freight forwarding terms and conditions (2005). You can download the full text of these conditions on our website under section "About us". No fixed time-frame delivery terms are accepted. Transport of goods by road performed by a party contracted by ICTL Belgium in its capacity of Freight Forwarder, both domestically and internationally, shall be performed in accordance with the Geneva Treaty on international goods traffic by road (C.M.R.). Handling and storing of goods and all related activities performed by subcontractors of ICTL Belgium in Antwerp, are performed in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions for the handling of goods and related activities in the port of Antwerp as deposited before the Chamber of commerce on December 31st 1991, including a waiver of recourse as per article 9 of the VBG conditions. As per standard conditions, our liability is limited to 5 EUR per kg NET weight (with a maximum of 25 000EUR per claim). When contractual arrangements are made in Antwerp, the place of jurisdiction is Antwerp. Belgian law shall apply. Please be advised that no insurance for the risks related to the shipment, the transport, the handling or the storage of the goods will be subscribed without a written permission/order and therefore all operations and activities as indicated in our offers are performed at your risk and danger. ICTL Belgium is a trade name of ICTL b.v.b.a. (Belgium). Vervoercommissionair Nr.3146001. ICTL Belgium is part of TL-group of companies with offices in Kazakhstan, Germany, Kyrgyzstan and Georgia.

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ICTL - your COMPETENT partner for all types of cargo transportation to and from Central Asia, Caucasus and Russia



We are a part of an international group of professional branch offices throughout the region of our forwarding operations.

All branches are "small but smart" flexible and dedicated freight forwarding specialists, run by their respective co-owners. 

Together we form the TL-group, that enables our small branches to cooperate with each other on a project-basis and share/receive financial backup when required.

Groups main participant is the TLO GmbH in Dornstadt, Germany with main business being a dedicated trucking service for Central Asia and Caucasus.

ICTL Belgium is proud to be an important member of the group and contribute to the success of TL.

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